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We support the work of The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC), as preserving the biodiversity of Lapland’s forests is a top priority to us. We want to ensure that the wild plants that provide clean ingredients for our products continue to have the best possible habitats in the future. You can read more about FANC and its important work here:

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and the ingredients of our products are natural and biodegradable. For our recycling guidelines.

The environmental sustainability of our products and manufacturing process is important to us, and responsibility for the environment guides each step in our production. Our environmental management system is based on the international ISO 14001 standard, which provides a solid foundation for environmentally sustainable production. Solar panels supply our manufacturing process with renewable energy.

The safety and quality of our products are guaranteed by the COSMOS certification of our products and our quality management system, which is based on the international ISO 22716 (Cosmetics GMP), ISO 9001, and ISO EN 13485 standards. These standards ensure that our processes comply with current, international requirements and we systematically develop and improve our operations. Our quality management system for cosmetics as well as medical equipment is regularly inspected by Eurofins Expert Services (IAF). Our products only contain ingredients that meet the standards of certified natural cosmetics. Through certification, auditing and quality management we aim at sustainable development in our operations.

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