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Recycling Of Packaging

Empty packaging of Taiga products can be recycled according to the following recycling instructions:

Inner packaging

Inner packaging consist mainly of two of the most common types of plastic in different consumer products, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polyethylene (PE-LD). Empty plastic packaging can be sorted as empty, dried and rinsed with cold water for plastic collection. Remove the cap and base from each other, and then remove the white container part from the cap. Place both the cap and base separately in a plastic waste receiver. If plastic collection is not available, dispose of plastic packaging as energy or mixed waste. The container part is disposed of as energy or mixed waste.

Cap accessories

Pipette caps

The glass pipette in the pipette caps can be removed and sorted for glass collection.

Pump caps

Some pumps have a small amount of metal parts. The quantity is so small that the whole can be sorted as plastic packaging.

Outer packaging

The outer packaging of all products is cardboard. Cardboard packages are sorted for cardboard collection.

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